Networking 1 & 2

In order to complete the network assignments, I decided it would be best to take advantage of the resources available to me on campus.  I first visited the speech lab and then met with a career adviser at the career center.  I realized that both of these resources will help further my education and my future at Grand Valley State University.

20160421_152244 Russo, C. (2016). [Photograph]

While visiting the speech lab, I spoke with a student speech assistant.  As an APR major, giving a speech or ten is not uncommon throughout each semester.  Once speaking with an assistant, I learned how valuable time and preparation is, especially when giving presentations that are not based off of a campaign, etc. but rather more impromptu based. I plan on implementing speech skills such as drafting speech ideas, outlining, and practice, practice, practice.  Practice is key when preparing for a presentation. By applying these skills in the speeches I normally conduct, I will continuing to improve my overall speech ability and presence.

20160421_154600  Russo, C. (2016). [Photograph]

I had never been to the career center at Grand Valley State University. Now that I have, I plan on taking advantage of the resources offered here at GVSU. The career center offers advice and helps students in many ways. For instance, the career center offers advice and assistance to current and past students by giving advice about creating successful resumes, cover letters, etc.  The career center  also guides students in finding internship opportunities/networking opportunities.  LinkedIn account information and building a self brand is also advice offered at the career center.


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