Future of The Chicks Picks Movie Blog

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Russo, C. (6 April, 2016). The Chicks Picks Movie Blog [Screenshot].  Retrieved from https://girlymovies4you.wordpress.com/

This blog was specifically created for my CAP 105 (Technology in Public Relations & Advertising) class. While taking this class, I have not only learned how to use various programs, but I have also learned how use and create various professional pages thanks to the assignments in this course. For instance, as seen in my various blog posts, I have learned to use and apply the basics of Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, and InDesign. I have created a Brand Yourself account which has allowed me the opportunity to control my online presence in relation to google searches and has allowed me the power to discard of any unwanted searches associated with my name. Due to taking this course, I have also learned how to create an AboutMe page which has helped me tie a few of my digital presences together in an online professional profile.

Although this blog has been a useful tool and the assignments associated with this blog has taught me a lot and will help me in the future once I enter the work force, I do not believe I will keep this blog. I am unsure as to whether or not this blog truly identifies me as an individual and what I can do creatively, so that is one con to keeping this blog. I created a personal brand for this blog — rom-com and romance movies, which I love, but I feel the specific category this blog is classified under, limits me and what I would like to post.

If I do decide to keep this blog, I would really like to go back and edit and perfect all of my blog posts; even if that entails me scrapping previous creations and posting new ones that I truly feel are good enough creatively as an APR major. Additionally, I would like to make this blog appear more professional as well; I would change the concept of this blog from a basic “movie blog” to a blog about me as an individual. By editing this blog tailored to who I am as a person, personally and professionally, I feel this blog could then be useful in a portfolio when applying for future jobs out of college. I will then be more drawn to the blog itself and I can post whatever I wish that relates to me, my life, and what I love to do.

If I go that route and decide to keep this blog, ultimately, I believe this blog could help me network and  obtain employment, so that is a major pro to keeping this blog. This blog will not only showcase who I am as a creative individual, but will also show potential employers how diverse/familiar I am with different forms of social media; which as APR majors know, is a valuable skill set to have. This blog will also showcase my voice and portray more of my character the more freedom I have with it. Potential/future employers will hopefully view this blog as a extra portfolio and will also get a “taste” for who I am and my work ethic.



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