InDesign Business Card

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 11.43.40 PM

Russo, C. (2016, April 1). InDesign Business Card. Allendale, MI.

For this assignment, I had to create my very own Business Card (click the hyperlink for a crisper view) using InDesign.

My business card captures a bit of personality and color, yet the layout is also very simplistic; it isn’t too busy. I,  personally, feel a business card should be visually appealing to the eye and it should also capture the personality of an employer.  Here, my business card captures what I can do as an APR major in terms of basic design: The bleeding green lines stands out against the crisp, black background and leads a viewers eye to the rest of the layout; my name, specialty, image, and contact information.  There is a directional circular flow of the business card.

The business card captures my personality in the way in which I like things to appear sharp but I also like when a design makes a statement as well.

Overall, I learned how to use a new program and I was able to apply basic layout skills to this assignment which allowed me to be a bit creative.


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