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brand yourself score

Russo, C. (2016, March 25). BrandYourself. [Screenshot]. Retrieved from

Brand Yourself is a free website that allows users to discover how highly or poorly represented they are over the internet. This cite also allows users to hide unwanted searches about themselves (and others with the same name) that they do not want seen on the internet.

Once creating a Brand Yourself account, I took the quiz. My score was a D, meaning I am poorly represented over the internet. I was not surprised with this result as I do not have a ton of social media profiles other than Facebook and Instagram.  The test results were also not in my favor due to the fact that an actress has the same name as me, therefore, she was represented as the top Google searches.

The image below shows the top three recommendations Brand Yourself gave me in order to better represent myself over the internet and improve my overall score:

improve results

Russo, C. (2016, March 25). BrandYourself. [Screenshot]. Retrieved from

To better my score, I first added my Facebook as a link to use and boosted my score. I also made a LinkedIn account to help represent myself more over the internet which was also a good thing to do because I am now present in the “job world.” LinkedIn is a high quality profile to have.

Next, I published a Brand Yourself profile. This profile will allow me the access of seeing how many people are googling me and looking at my professional (in-the-works) profile.

Lastly, in order to have my own link, I created an page.

By being cognoscente of websites such as Brand Yourself, it allows everyone the capability of making themselves appear in the top Google searches. This will look good to future employers and I recommend that everyone brands themselves in this way.


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