Infographic: How to Use instagram

how-to-use-instagram (1)

Russo, C. (Artist). (2016, March 2). How to use instagram [Piktochart]. Allendale, MI.

The purpose of this infographic (made using Piktochart) is to show viewers how to create an Instagram account,  post photos to Instagram, and what different tabs on the application contain.

Instagram photos can be shared to other social networking websites/outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr.

Applications such as Instagram allows users to connect with other individual users from around the world. In doing so, Instagram allows users to post photos that showcase their own life experiences and memories.  Instagram is also filled with other various content; for example, many users have made Instagram accounts dedicated to art projects, pets, movies, fashion, fan accounts, and so much more!

Instagram has given us, the users, the power to tell everyone else a story through our every post.  Whether that picture shows off a good night with friends or a quite night with bae on the couch watching Netflix, Instagram has had a huge impact on the social networking world today!




2 thoughts on “Infographic: How to Use instagram

  1. Your Infographic is very creative and thorough. I did mine on a basic run through of how to post an Instagram photo. I like how yours dove into the specific types of photos you can take, as well as the detailed explanation you provided! Very visually appealing!

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  2. Upon first glance of your infographic I thought, “wow, that’s super colorful” and I didn’t know how to feel about that, but then I looked at it a little closer and I realized it’s quite well put together and easy to follow ever with all of the colors and excitement it incorporates.

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